Peer Review Reporting – Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Pediatric, Thoracic, Nuclear, Cancer

Comprehensive up-to-date peer review process to reduce diagnostic interpretation discrepancies, and inadequacy of imaging protocols

The administrative burden of maintaining a Peer Review program can be frustrating and overwhelming. Our Peer Review program ensures continuous improvement and helps our clients demonstrate quality to their patients, referring physicians and other key stakeholders.

First, many emergency teleradiology reports are delivered in a wet-read format, which is overread by an onsite radiologist the next day, effectively resulting in 100% peer review. Additionally, the competitive nature of the teleradiology market necessitates that providers of teleradiology services need to demonstrate high quality levels in order to retain their business. In our practice a significant amount of radiologist time is spent in peer review related activities, including CME, and our research into this area reflects the same focus. This is derived from the fundamental philosophy that teleradiology is only viable if it affords a quality of service that exceeds that which was otherwise/previously available on-site.

Teleradiology Peer Review