AFTERHOURS TELERADIOLOGY SERVICES IN India – Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Pediatric, Thoracic, Nuclear, Cancer

Our Nighthawk Teleradiology Solutions

Opting for our Afterhours Teleradiology services is as good as having renowned Radiologists on-call who can provide reliable, accurate diagnosis based on patient history, medical conditions, and radiology images. We help your healthcare practice tackle cost-related pressures effectively, while helping you balance your workflow and support team workload for maximum performance.

Our services include –

  • Nighthawk Services: Whether it is to reduce your workload or handle emergency cases in as short a time as possible, our professional Teleradiologists ensure that all your requirements are met promptly. We specialize in providing our expert services for niche radiology subject matters, as well as provide on-time consultation to clinicians looking for an expert second opinion.
  • Preliminary Afterhours Services: If you require expert radiologist opinion and preliminary reads in a short time, then our services are ideal for you. Our radiologists review the patient images sent by you and send it back within a short time so your panel can review it before signing off. All reports are sent in a format of your choice, and through a medium you prefer.
  • Certified Reporting Services: Our certified afterhours reporting services are more extensive and help you reduce your existing workload, while providing you with an option to gather expert radiologist opinion at cost-effective prices. Our certified reporting services consists of two phases:Phase 1 wherein medical images are read by a junior radiologist followed by a senior one who verifies the read, and Phase 2, where the readings are verified and cross-checked by a board certified radiologist who then signs off on the same.
  • Clinical Trials Afterhours Services: More often than not, the longest period of the drug development cycle are the clinical trials. Not only are clinical trials regulated heavily which causes frequent delays, but radiology reports for thousands of patients also take substantial time to be generated. Our services are therefore ideal for pharmaceutical companies and biotech enterprises who want to receive expertly read radiology reports in as short a time as possible.
  • Auditing and Reviewing Services: Auditing and reviewing radiology reports is always a chore for healthcare enterprises. Our services are therefore ideal for them and help to streamline their workflow. These services include –
    • Radiology report discrepancy identification
    • Double report identification
    • Casual analysis of radiology reports
    • Benchmarking for accuracy and timeliness
  • Backlog and Overflow Reporting: These services are ideal for healthcare practices who are already facing a large amount of report backlog and overflow. Our fast and extremely accurate Teleradiology reports are generated at a pace which ensures your workflow comes back on track once again, thereby ensuring better customer satisfaction for your business.

Our services include precise Teleradiology diagnosis for several subspecialties such as –

  • Emergency Teleradiology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Pediatric Teleradiology
  • Abdominal Teleradiology
  • Vascular Teleradiology
  • Ultrasonography
  • Cardiac Angiography
  • Gastrointestinal Teleradiology
  • Body Imaging
  • Pediatric Teleradiology
  • Musculoskeletal Teleradiology
  • Head and Neck Teleradiology
  • Thoracic Teleradiology
  • Abdominal Teleradiology
  • Genitourinary Teleradiology
  • MRI

For all the above mentioned subspecialties we provide both preliminary and final radiology reporting based upon your requirements. Our USP lies in our speed of delivery, and the complete accuracy with which results are delivered, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This in turn not only helps you maximize the performance of your existing resources, but also benefit from consulting with some of the best minds in Radiology.

Our Panel of Expert Radiologists

We have worked with a large number of healthcare practices and large enterprises, and one of the most commonly asked questions we face is “How qualified are your radiologists?” We understand that different countries have different requirements when it comes to radiology certifications, and only HIPAA certification is not enough in most cases. As a result, we have built a panel of radiologists who are board-certified and are trained at some of the most sought after institutions in the world. Our radiologists are certified by many different boards based upon their country of practice, such as –

  • ABR (American Board of Radiologists) Certification
  • ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) Certification
  • FRCR (Fellowship of Royal College of Radiology) Certification
  • FRANZCR (Fellowship of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists) Certification
  • IRIA (Indian Radiological & Imaging Association), DNB (Diplomate of National Board), and MD (Doctor or Medicine) Certifications
  • Singapore Radiology Board Certification

Our Support for Different Afterhours Image Modalities

Unlike most of our competitors, our Nighthawk services do not only promise speed and accuracy, but high-quality as well. Experience has taught us well, and allowed us to expand our services to cover a variety of imaging modalities, however niche they may be. This ensures all your requirements are met by in-house radiologists who take pride in their work. The different modalities we cover include –

  • MRI
  • Computerized Tomography
  • Nuclear Scans
  • Oncology Imaging
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  • Vascular Radiology
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Thoracic Imaging
  • Pediatric Radiology
  • X Ray Radiology
  • And more

Afterhours Teleradiology: Our Key Differentiators

Our centralized Teleradiology solutions allows us to provide our clients with a holistic outlook towards patient care and quick radiological data dissemination. Our Teleradiology solutions account for both peak business hours and unanticipated volumes, ensuring there is always a radiologist available to take care of your image deduction request. We have experienced staff to handle all the licensing, insurance, and credentialing requirements, thereby ensuring that your practice remains safeguarded against any unknown issue.

Some of the reasons why our services are quite different from the rest include -A support staff consisting of highly experienced radiologists who are certified by US, UK, Canada, and Australian Medical and Radiology boards

Case-by-case handling, which means that urgent cases get the attention they deserve. All urgent and emergency findings are immediately transferred to you either by phone calls or fax within a moment’s notice

Our significant experience with RIS software ensures we can easily generate reports which are then duly logged onto your RIS or EMR system, while delivering the same to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, based upon your requirements

We offer Nationwide coverage while ensuring the radiologists assigned to your project are licensed to work in your state

24/7/365 coverage with one of the best turnaround times and cost benefits amongst our competitors

Full HIPAA compliance ensures enhanced security for our clients, both against data breaches and information theft

Personalized services which are customized as per your needs and requirements. All critical results are followed up by calls if you require, and our strong line of communication ensures you get to speak to a concerned radiologist immediately in times of need

High-quality reads combined with our satisfaction guarantee ensure that the quality of our services can not only compare, but even surpass onsite radiology interpretations

Benefits of Outsourcing Afterhours Teleradiology Services to Expert Teleradiology

Healthcare practices around the world are choosing Teleradiology in order to cut costs and stay relevant in this highly competitive marketplace. At the same time, with the proliferation of such services, it becomes hard to decide which outsourcing partner can work the best for you. We offer several additional benefits to our clients so as to ensure enhanced client satisfaction. Some of them include –

  • Access to extremely qualified radiology opinions by some expert radiologists, especially afterhours thereby ensuring your patients receive the best possible attention and care
  • Coverage for a wide range of niche modalities which end up being expensive for other similar service providers
  • Effective patient management with the help of streamlined workflows, even during emergencies for better overall response times
  • Ability to receive high-quality radiology reports which are thoroughly checked for consistency before being delivered to you
  • 100% guaranteed coverage at all times of the day, 365 days a year with the ability to get in touch with the designated radiologist in case of any emergencies
  • Reduced costs to the tune of more than 40% in some cases, while seeing a marked increase in customer satisfaction numbers
  • Ability to transcend regional and community barriers by providing imaging support to all and sundry irrespective of location, thereby increasing your customer base as well as your profits

Outsource Nighthawk Teleradiology Services

With more than 5 years of experience in the Teleradiology field we have offered comprehensive Afterhours Teleradiology services to hundreds of clients across the globe in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our expertise across various modalities such as CT, MRI, Angiography, Mammography, X-ray and Nuclear medicine, etc. ensures that all your requirements are met with the best available solution at all times.

Afterhours Teleradiology
Afterhours Teleradiology

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