Emergency Teleradiology Reporting – Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Pediatric, Thoracic, Nuclear, Cancer

Emergency teleradiology has engendered a cadre of specialized generalist radiologists, who excel in acute care interpretation. These radiologists have considerable expertise and experience in the diagnosis of acute conditions, as well as a comfort level in a wide range of modalities that renders them uniquely competent to fulfill their role. Their understanding of the needs of the emergency milieu also renders their reporting more focused and directed and hence, more relevant for the emergency setting. Thus, overall, reporting quality is enhanced in the setting of emergency teleradiology.

Emergency reports are provided with clinical history and details lab reference and all the appropriate information of patient and prior reports. To mention clinical history is mandatory for each patient.

Emergency Reporting will be provided by renowned radiologists about turnaround time between 30 minutes– 1 hours. We provide emergency reports for the following modalities.


CT Scan




Emergency Teleradiology Services
Emergency Teleradiology Services