Teleradiology Services in India – Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Pediatric, Thoracic, Nuclear, Cancer

Expert Teleradiology Group is leading Organization providing High Quality reporting at Affordable Cost making sure that all reports are dispatched on time with high security.

We have large network of Radiologists(Top 25 including Apollo, Columbia Asia, Fortis, Global Hospitals, HCG, Manipal Hospitals, Medanta, Yashoda Hospitals etc. ) providing high quality radiology reporting which is accurate, less turn around time and cost-effective. All associated radiologists are highly experienced and they can handle critical, unique and super-specialty cases. We have pan India presence and currently catering to Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Indian markets.

Highlights of Our Services

Highlights of our services

Key Benefits of Our Tele-Radiology Services

Highly​ qualified and widely​ experienced Radiologists supporting our Tele-Radiology services.

Turn around time (TAT) of 2 hours and emergency cases within 30 min.

Multi-level reporting​ – Each report ​is​ cross-examined by senior radiologist.​ HIPAA compliance ensures enhanced security for our clients, both against data breaches & information theft

Highly competitive pricing for Tele-Radiology services.

Simple, robust and highly featured software for accurate and fast reporting.

24*7*365 availability of Tele-Radiology services.

Less or No initial investment for starting Tele-Radiology services.

Continuous support ​system ​through phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and Imo.

Expert Niche Reporting Services

Experience has taught us well, and allowed us to expand our services to cover a variety of imaging modalities, however niche they may be. This ensures all your requirements are met by our Radiologists who take pride in their work.

The different modalities we cover include –

Sub-Specialty Teleradiology Services

MSK Imaging Teleradiology services in India,
Cardiac Imaging Teleradiology services in India,
Breast Imaging Teleradiology services in India,
Neuro Teleradiology services in India,
Abdominal Imaging Teleradiology services in India,
Pediatric Teleradiology services in India,
Musculoskeletal Teleradiology services in India,
GI Imaging including CT Colonography Teleradiology services in India,
Cardiac & Pulmonary Imaging Teleradiology services in India

Benefits of Outsourcing After hours Teleradiology Services

Many Hospitals across the world are choosing Teleradiology services in order to cut costs and stay relevant in highly competitive marketplace.  At the same time, with the proliferation of such services, it becomes hard to decide which outsourcing partner can work the best for you. Expert Chikitsa offers several additional benefits to our clients so as to ensure enhanced client satisfaction. Some of them include –

Access to extremely qualified radiology opinions by some expert radiologists, especially afterhours thereby ensuring your patients receive the best possible attention and care

Coverage for a wide range of niche modalities which end up being expensive for other similar service providers

Effective patient management with the help of streamlined workflows, even during emergencies for better overall response times

Ability to receive high-quality radiology reports which are thoroughly checked for

100% guaranteed coverage 365 days a year and if required ability to get in touch with the designated radiologist

Reduced costs while seeing a marked increase in customer satisfaction numbers

Ability to transcend regional and community barriers by providing imaging support to all and sundry irrespective of location, thereby increasing your customer base as well as your profits

Expert Teleradiology Services Availability

We provide Teleradiology services to many Hospital and Diagnostic Centers across the world.

Looking for Best Teleradiology Services?

We can provide High Quality Reporting securely at Affordable cost and less Turn Around Time.

Contact us through email

or +91 8095504033 (Call / WhatsApp)

Our Teleradiology Services are available in

Teleradiology Services in Lagos,  Teleradiology Services in Kinshasa,  Teleradiology Services in Cairo,  Teleradiology Services in Alexandria,  Teleradiology Services in Abidjan,  Teleradiology Services in Kano,  Teleradiology Services in Ibadan,  Teleradiology Services in Cape Town,  Teleradiology Services in Casablanca,  Teleradiology Services in Durban,  Teleradiology Services in Luanda,  Teleradiology Services in Addis Ababa,  Teleradiology Services in Nairobi,  Teleradiology Services in Dar es Salaam,  Teleradiology Services in Mogadishu,  Teleradiology Services in Dakar,  Teleradiology Services in Giza,  Teleradiology Services in Johannesburg,  Teleradiology Services in Algiers,  Teleradiology Services in Khartoum,  Teleradiology Services in Accra,  Teleradiology Services in Camayenne,  Teleradiology Services in Conakry,  Teleradiology Services in Soweto,  Teleradiology Services in Rabat,  Teleradiology Services in Pretoria,  Teleradiology Services in Kaduna,  Teleradiology Services in Harare,  Teleradiology Services in Kumasi,  Teleradiology Services in Antananarivo,  Teleradiology Services in Lubumbashi,  Teleradiology Services in Kampala,  Teleradiology Services in Douala,  Teleradiology Services in Yaounde,  Teleradiology Services in Bamako,  Teleradiology Services in Brazzaville,  Teleradiology Services in Lusaka,  Teleradiology Services in Omdurman,  Teleradiology Services in Maputo,  Teleradiology Services in Tripoli,  Teleradiology Services in Port Harcourt,  Teleradiology Services in Benin City,  Teleradiology Services in Maiduguri,  Teleradiology Services in Ouagadougou,  Teleradiology Services in Zaria,  Teleradiology Services in Port Elizabeth,  Teleradiology Services in Fes,  Teleradiology Services in Monrovia,  Teleradiology Services in Sale,  Teleradiology Services in Abobo,  Teleradiology Services in Aba,  Teleradiology Services in Mbuji-Mayi,  Teleradiology Services in Pikine,  Teleradiology Services in Marrakesh,  Teleradiology Services in Jos,  Teleradiology Services in Ilorin,  Teleradiology Services in Freetown,  Teleradiology Services in Mombasa,  Teleradiology Services in Boumerdas,  Teleradiology Services in Cotonou,  Teleradiology Services in Niamey,  Teleradiology Services in Pietermaritzburg,  Teleradiology Services in Lome,  Teleradiology Services in Kigali,  Teleradiology Services in Oyo,  Teleradiology Services in N'Djamena,  Teleradiology Services in Bulawayo,  Teleradiology Services in Agadir,  Teleradiology Services in Tunis,  Teleradiology Services in Enugu,  Teleradiology Services in Tangier,  Teleradiology Services in Matola,  Teleradiology Services in Nouakchott,  Teleradiology Services in Pointe-Noire,  Teleradiology Services in Benghazi,  Teleradiology Services in Lilongwe,  Teleradiology Services in Oran,  Teleradiology Services in Tebessa,  Teleradiology Services in Djibouti,  Teleradiology Services in Benoni,  Teleradiology Services in Abeokuta,  Teleradiology Services in Abuja,  Teleradiology Services in Blantyre,  Teleradiology Services in Libreville,  Teleradiology Services in Bouake,  Teleradiology Services in Nyala,  Teleradiology Services in Asmara,  Teleradiology Services in Sokoto,  Teleradiology Services in Onitsha,  Teleradiology Services in Meknes,  Teleradiology Services in Bangui,  Teleradiology Services in Kisangani,  Teleradiology Services in Port Said,  Teleradiology Services in Warri,  Teleradiology Services in Ebute Ikorodu,  Teleradiology Services in Beira,  Teleradiology Services in Touba,  Teleradiology Services in Tembisa,  Teleradiology Services in Port Sudan,  Teleradiology Services in Suez,

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  1. I am Dr. Uche from Nigeria.

    We would like to get Teleradiology services from India.

    Can you please send us detailed proposal including,

    List of Teleradiology modalities you report

    CT Scan Teleradiology reporting cost,

    MRI Teleradiology reporting cost,

    X-Ray Teleradiology reporting cost,

    Turn Around Time for your Teleradiology reporting services

    Teleradiologist profiles

    Looking forward for your response.

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