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Expert Teleradiology Group provides accurate CT, MRI & Nighthawk Teleradiology, Remote Online Reporting from India with online teleradiology interpretation and remote radiology reporting for the entire spectrum of imaging modalities including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammograms, X-Rays and PET-CT, are provided to suit individual client’s needs.

Teleradiology Services in Nigeria

Expert Teleradiology 24/7 offers you a complete range of teleradiology services across the following modalities:

  • MRI.
  • Computed Tomography (CT).
  • Mammography.
  • Nuclear Medicine.
  • PET-CT.
  • Plain films / X-rays.
  • Procedures.

Why Expert Teleradiology?

We have Highly Experienced, Super-Specialized Radiologists who can deliver,


  • Round the Clock coverage
    Our team provides 24x7x365 day and night coverage to provide Preliminary, Final and/or Sub-speciality reads. This also includes NIGHTHAWK services.
  • Access to expert Sub-specialist Services
    Gain access to sub-speciality reporting by our experienced sub specialists. Our team of experts are experienced and qualified in several sub-specialities that include Cardiology, Neurosciences, Paediatrics, etc.


We are committed towards continuous quality improvement & quality care.

  • Two-phase Reporting
    Each study, once read, is verified by another radiologist before being reported, this helps in achieving proactive corrective identification, analysis and change.
  • Robust QA Process
    We follow a strict and robust Quality Assurance process to ensure patient safety. Periodic peer-reviews are conducted and the data is reviewed periodically by our Quality Control Panel.
    We also keep comprehensive statistics on each reading radiologist and also send quarterly Quality Assurance reports to each centre/hospital detailing our performance. If a centre/hospital ever receives any issue with the reports, immediate & necessary corrective actions are being taken.


We maximize the leverage of medical expertise and state-of-the-art technology to generate efficiency for our clients / partners.

  • Quick Turn-Around-Time
    We strive to beat our own records, when it comes to Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for readings. We provide high-quality reports with quick TAT matching industry benchmarks.
  • Cost-Effective
    We help you cut costs, but not quality. With our safe and cost-effective teleradiology service, we are driven by values of compassionate care and affordability; and hence, we consistently work towards making healthcare affordable and accessible through our services.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Our advanced Teleradiology system helps to ensure patient’s privacy. Our software is HIPAA compliant. It limits the ways in which entities can use patient’s personal information and protects the privacy of all medical information in all its forms.

Our employees are trained in handling confidentiality of cases. A confidentiality agreement is duly signed by each of them to ensure the non-occurrence of any type of breach of privacy.
Our privacy policies and procedures are well-documented and we have well-defined roles for limiting access to protected information.


How Teleradiology works in Nigeria

Teleradiology services in Nigeria

Our Sub Specialty Imaging Services in Nigeria

  • MSK Imaging Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Cardiac Imaging Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Breast Imaging Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Neuro–radiology Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Abdominal Imaging Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Pediatric Radiology Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Musculoskeletal Radiology Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • GI Imaging including CT Colonography Teleradiology services in Nigeria
  • Cardiac & Pulmonary Imaging Teleradiology services in Nigeria

Key Benefits of Our Teleradiology services

Highly​ qualified and widely​ experienced Radiologists supporting our Tele-Radiology services.

Turn around time (TAT) of 2 hours and emergency cases within 30 min.

Multi-level reporting​ – Each report ​is​ cross-examined by senior radiologist.​

HIPAA compliance ensures enhanced security for our clients, both against data breaches & information theft

Highly competitive pricing for Tele-Radiology services.

Simple, robust and highly featured software for accurate and fast reporting.

24*7*365 availability of Tele-Radiology services.

Less or No initial investment for starting Tele-Radiology services.

Continuous support ​system ​through phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and Imo

Are you looking for Best Teleradiology Services?

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